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Healthy Keto Coaching

This keto plan can be modified to fit your dietary needs

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • Telehealth

Service Description

Basha is trained & certified in keto coaching under Dr. Eric Berg who educates on how to do keto in a healthy way to balance out the amount of healthy fats in a ketogenic diet. This is Healthy Keto. This also minimizes any temporary discomforts along the way. We take it step by step, keep things simple. You can receive as much help as you like, whether it be daily or weekly. This nutrition program is meant to help you succeed & break the cycle of yoyo dieting, which can harm your metabolism. Keto is one of the most successful diets in the world, focusing on the hormones that matter most with weight loss; insulin. It differs from all other diet in that the total carbs per day are so low, it makes our bodies produce ketones which help burn fat instead of keeping us running on carbs & sugar from food. Keto has many nuances, & receiving coaching in the beginning is paramount for success & comfort. Also check out our keto blog!

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