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NLP & Havening

Train your brain to do new tasks or think in a different way

  • 1 hour
  • Telehealth

Service Description

Whether you choose to do NLP or Havening, you will begin to see quick results as you re-train your brain in a state of relaxation. We will talk about your interests and what would best suit you. NLP: If you are seeking to achieve your goals, or stop bad habits, lose weight, overcome a fear, or rediscover feelings of forgiveness, calm, or wellbeing, NLP may be a good choice. For NLP, the first part of the session is the consult, after which point, we begin to record & listen to the vocal cues we provide to you as you sit & relax. NLP is essentially a guided meditation/ hypnosis which allows your mind to enter into theta and delta brainwaves. These brainwaves indicate relaxation which allows your subconscious to do the work of achieving goals for you. You can make changes in your life as you listen to positive, meaningful suggestions. If you attempt to quit addictions, for example, or achieve a goal while fully alert in beta brainwave, you will be fighting against many things; your habits, thoughts, beliefs holding you back, and your cravings/ past desires. This professional service is tailored to your goals. You will have access to our recorded sessions to take with you as you self-train daily. Havening: If you are seeking to overcome the distressing effects of trauma, sadness, loneliness, guilt, disease, internal conflicts, emotional pain, and the like, havening may be a good choice for you. The reason that talk therapy is not always effective as a long-term strategy, is because most of the population are not auditory learners. Talking and rehashing pain doesn't always help! Trauma therapy (which this is Not), may or may not be enough. Lasting emotional damage is actually quite SOMATIC, as the effects linger in the body and do us dirty, despite how much we try to convince ourselves on an intellectual, mind level that we are now okay. Somatic work like havening retrains the brain using the body as a vessel to truly understand and accept that it is safe and happy. We will consult on your goals, and then as we use auditory cues, you will gently use your arms in specific sweeping motions to prompt your brain to bring calming neurotransmitters into your whole body. Consistency is vital for change yet this method takes much less time & effort than other attempts for change.

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