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It's just stress...Right? The effects of stress go beyond the emotional. 

If you think stress affects the mind on a temporary basis, think again. Mind and body are extraordinarily connected. When we get nervous, our heart flutters. Our emotions tell our brain that there is danger, and our brain tells our glands to secrete hormones to help us fight stress, and our neurotransmitters to secrete neurotransmitters ("brain hormones") to do the same. If this fire was ongoing for a long time, or stressful enough, the effects remain in our nervous system, for which there is no ON/OFF switch. It is very difficult to remove the stress from our metaphorical stress bucket that has been filling up our whole lives. There are certain acupressure points along the body, as well as somatic and neurolinguistic, and biofeedbak techniques to help regain equilibrium. 

Cancer might be the most extreme example of how stress impacts the body, and here is exactly how it does it. If you want to maintain or regain health, please book a consult with us.

                     The connection between Stress & Cancer:

"...CG-GR (glucocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptor) binding normally signals homeostasis, but the HPA axis may become GR-resistant during chronic stress. 

The GR facilitates a healthy immune response. 

Thus, a blunted GR-sensitivity leads to weak immune responses, 

suppresses proinflammatory responses, and prevents Th1 cytokine levels 

from reaching the levels necessary for disease fighting. 

Natural killer cells that normally prevent tumors and microbial infections 

are less cytotoxic than Th1-cells, which may explain, at least in part, 

the observed susceptibility to cancer during chronic stress,"

(Chopra, Househam, & Peterson, 2017. The Effects of Stress and Meditation on the Immune System, Human Microbiota, & Epigenetics).

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