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Take a quick look at the incredible technology and bioelectronic medicine we will soon incorporate into our practice

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AURACLOUD 3D & Electrophotonic Imaging

Kirlian photography (electrophotonic imaging) is like taking a real life picture of your aura, your electrical coronal discharge. A sheet of photographic film rests on top of a metal discharge plate. The original technique involves putting the person’s body part like a hand on top of the film. High voltage currents are sent to the hand. The coronal discharge between the plate & object is reflected in the film. Colors change based on the intensity of the discharge. Different colors & intensity reflect vitality of the organism.  Digital imaging technology captures photons emitted during the ionization of a fluid surrounding the conductor.  Auracloud takes this technology to the next level, digitizing your energetic information.

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This is one of our most valuable modalities! Auriculotherapy is similar to reflexology, but it is done on the ear and is even more accurate. Our system is done without puncturing the skin. We use electricity, of course! The ear is a somatotopic map (point-for-point correspondence) of the whole body. Changes in our electrodermal skin conductance reflect changes in our physiology and can detect organ complications. One of the most incredible cranial nerves in our body, the vagus nerve, runs through a certain part of the ear which we can painlessly stimulate for unbelievable anti-inflammatory and neurological health benefits. This nerve is the basis of the parasympathetic nervous system (all relaxation responses). Click below to see all the conditions that can be improved with vagus nerve stimulation.

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SCIO Biofeedback

The Scientific Conscious Interface Operation system works non-locally to read our electromagnetic field to detect imbalances in a wide number of areas, such as neurological, lymphatic, cardiovascular, immune systems and more. It performs a myriad of tests based on the laws of electricity. It detects our natural physiological responses to different stimuli and also gently exposes the cells to the correct electrical patterns. Once our cells are exposed long enough to a certain frequency, it imitates the frequency and begins to behave more cohesively. This is designed for stress management and does not diagnose disease. The SCIO measures reactivity patterns and is only pre-diagnostic. Physician follow-up is necessary for diagnostic confirmation.

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