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Smooth Skin

The Integumentary System:
Hair, Skin, and Nails

How to maintain or regain integumentary health

The hair, skin, and nails are all part of the integumentary system. They are all made of keratin, and other various proteins. The most common nutrient people take for glowing skin, shiny, thick hair, and strong nails is omega 3 fatty acids AKA fish oil. There are also other very important nutrients that are absolutely necessary for hair growth and clear skin, and you will be surprised to know that it is NOT topical biotin! We have actually taken people off their biotin supplements and their hair shedding stopped. It is only necessary to ingest biotin if one is deficient, otherwise it can have the opposite effect. Most of the western world gets plenty of biotin through various protein sources. We are also aware that in some cases, no oils, tinctures, or topicals help, and so we have devised a plan B.


We can also create a skincare routine with you that suits your needs and budget. We are very knowledgeable about active ingredients in skincare products, harmful and filler ingredients to avoid, the best prescriptions you can ask your dermatologist for, and the most effective topicals, technology, and nutrients for healthy skin. We can even address facial muscle sagging and give you information on tools for strengthening and regenerating. Combined with good nutrition and a healthy disposition, that inner glow will shine outwards. Also check out our hair blog below.


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