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Leaky Gut Syndrome

           Is this a real condition? Absolutely.

The technical name is pathogenic intestinal permeability.  This means that one has higher than normal intestinal absorptive ability.

 In other words, food particles leak out of

the intestines & into the bloodstream.

It all starts with tight junction proteins

                                         Unexplained stomach pain or allergies?

                                            Leaky intestines might be to blame.


Your intestinal lining is a protective barrier between your gut & blood steam.

Nobody wants undigested food particles to enter the blood stream.

This can cause a severely painful autoimmune response with lots of swelling.

This can be just as painful as an ulcer.

When someone has inflammation, it can damage the intestinal walls. This inflammation further disrupts the tight junction proteins in the gut. Molecules such as occludin & claudin are found within the stomach & intestines 

& reside at the tight junctions. They serve to regulate what passes through the gut,

such as water, ions, digestive enzymes, & various solutes.

There are several reasons why these proteins can weaken & make the junctions separate. 

Inflammation is the overarching theme. Causes of inflammation in the gut can be due to improper nutrition, dysbiosis from certain hidden vitamin deficiencies, stress,

or a protein called zonulin.

Vegetable oils, sugar, & grains all cause inflammation.

When those with leaky gut eat, this intestinal 'sifter' (the walls)

gets larger tears. The large, undigested protein molecules of the food aren't

broken down into smaller amino acids, and escape the tears as larger

macromolecules. Food in the blood is very dangerous.

The immune system will form antibodies to any food in the blood

in order to attack & rid itself of it. That is why some people suddenly

come back with 25 food allergies & so much inflammation.

This is reversible. 

Leaky gut is also linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, & can also happen from inflammatory, autoimmune conditions such as

diabetes & Celiac's disease.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome can also cause this,

due to weakened collagen structures all over the body, including the gut lining.

Collagen is a type of protein. Dietary guidance can greatly prevent

stomach pain & inflammation.

Less obvious reasons for leaky gut are genetic mutations. 

Genetic mutations such as FUT2 & DAO have been linked to leaky gut.

DAO mutations can impair your ability to break down histamines in food,

leaving you with more gut inflammation, leading to a cycle of weaker tight junctions,

leading to more leaky gut. This perpetuates allergies.

DNA analysis can be helpful in determining the cause & course of action.

There are specific probiotics that help reduce the expression of these SNPs,

reduce inflammation, & restore a healthy microbiome,

all which can eliminate this horribly painful syndrome.

If you've done everything for leaky gut & still don't have lasting relief,

weak stomach acid might be to blame. Undigested food will irritate the gut lining.

Certain mineral deficiencies & other factors

might cause this 'hypochlorohydria.'

Please contact us if you suspect any of these conditions. 


We are always looking for new & exciting ways to help you

& collaborate with the wellness community. Let's connect.

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