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The Healing Power Within Everyone

Updated: Jun 22

All healing is self-healing. Let's tap into the most ancient form of healing; quantum healing.

What is Quantum Healing?

There is a saying; Opto, Ergo Sum- I choose, therefore I am.

It means that because we choose how we will be, we are such.

In a sense, we create aspects of ourselves.

Quantum physics (QP) is different than Newtonian physics (NP). QP it is not deterministic or based on 'causality'. NP says that an apple has broken off the branch, therefore it will fall onto the ground. This is cause and effect. Although this is true, it does not find relevance in all enlightened means of healing. For example, if one gets a diagnosis of cancer, one might conclude that dealth will ensue. Even to think this has a significantly negative impact. The cause is cancer, the effect is death. It doesn't have to be so.

As quantum physicist Amit Goswami states, this is quite fatalistic. In QP, we reject the Newtonian laws of causality and embrace the possibilities within reality. Just because one gets the diagnosis of cancer, it does not mean he/she will die. It is greatly in our power to create our own outcome. We create new possibilities by harnessing our own inner power to believe we can heal and overcome the health challenge.

Everything in the universe is either in 'particle' or 'wave' form. The waves of possibility exist in the non-physical world. A wave is a particle that has not yet been created into existence, and merely travels in wave-formation, awaiting physical manifestation. The particle, however, is any physical thing we can observe or that which exists. Manifestation is of course not entirely up to us. We don't always get what we want, right?! BUT...We can influence all possibilities to manifest within our favor (ex: the "no death" outcome) by creating positive scenario outcomes in our minds. How we are physically is not the ultimate determinant. It is in our mind, emotions, beliefs and meaning we give to a scenario that shapes our reality. We can harness this amazing power of quantum healing through meditation, re-evaluating our beliefs, any forms of energetic practices (especially qi gong), and by working with a practitioner to reprogram the mind via neurolinguistic programming, havening, and quantum biofeedback etc.

After such enlightenment, the new 'particle' or manifested reality is Life! All particles within us rearrange to provide health. We can quite literally re-shape our cells and strengthen their immunity against cancer, sickness, grief, pain, degeneration, sadness, or stagnation. You have done the work that so many wish they could!

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