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Health Consult Program

This is a three-session program for all clients; an initial consult, and two follow ups.

  • 4 hr
  • 280 US dollars
  • Client or Practitioner's house. Office coming soon.

Service Description

All clients receive three appointments for complete care; the initial 2- hour consult, and two 1- hour follow-ups. The first consult includes the following: We will take a full history, discuss your top concerns, and do a health analysis using Auracloud Imaging. (Live blood analysis coming soon). The Auracloud electrophotonic imaging will tell us how your organ systems are functioning and the frequencies you are currently emitting at each chakra (organ) point, and then compare them to optimal ranges. You will receive a photo of yourself and your colored aura, and a pamphlet with your results and recommendations. We will also use methods of naturopathic medicine and theories oriental medicine to give you a well-rounded assessment and health improvement plan. During the second visit, we will discuss your progress, make changes, begin a SCIO biofeedback session (Coming soon). The two-way SCIO biofeedback is a screening AND therapeutic modality for a wide variety of body systems, assessing and giving the correct energetic frequencies needed for you to function optimally. We will also perform live blood analysis (available in 2025). It is not a regular blood test. It will give us visual, qualitative information on your blood cells and bioterrain (ie: blood environment) that shows hidden sources of symptoms and how you deal with pathogens. You will be able to view the small monitor above our microscope and witness the miraculous world of microbiology and the immediate effects that certain healing modalities have within you. *As of now, before these therapies become available, we will continue using other available modalities and regular talk and discovery-based healing sessions at the discounted rate you see listed. During the third session, we will review the details of your SCIO results (which takes 2 hours from the starting time) and focus on body organs and systems that were compromised, and the progress that was made to restoring balance.

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