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Autoimmune Disease & the Body's Sense of Self

Updated: May 18, 2023

Why Would Your Body Attack Itself? Learn About Bliss Body Confusion.

Dr. Amit Goswami is the true expert on this subject. As a physicist who has implemented his knowledge into medicine, he has been able to explain an unusual phenomena within the body through a holistic, Ayurvedic understanding. He suggests that when the body attacks itself, this is an imbalance in the heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible for self-distinction. It differentiates between what is "me" and "not me," and the body becomes confused. It happens to be that the heart chakra is also responsible for immunity, so when the immune system starts defending against what it can no longer differentiate as cells that are part of the body- or foreign invaders, one develops autoimmune symptoms or diseases. One must focus on this suppressed, 'empty' chakra in meditation to bring new energy into it, and rebalance its formless form (bliss body) with its physical manifestation. The energy must match the organ.

How does the heart chakra become imbalanced in the first place?

The heart chakra is responsible for feelings of universal love, romance, grief & loss, and jealousy. So simply ask yourself, "How am I with these things?" Just as an added bit of information, it has also been proposed that the heart chakra is responsible for other conditions of immunity such as chronic fatigue syndrome/post viral syndrome, allergies, and breast cancer.

As someone with the biggest cardboard sign at the skeptics society rally, I want to know if chakras are real. Chakras are simply localized energy vortices/ centers along the spine that correlate to nearby organs. Each chakra has a particular energetic frequency. Chakras have been proposed centuries ago in several cultures, and have more recently been proven by a kinesiology professor at UCLA, Dr. Valerie Hunt. She used high frequency electromyographic (EMG) data to track, very basically, the energetic changes on the skin where a supposed chakra was. It was concluded that because significant increases of energy beyond normal measures was localized in those regions, chakras in fact existed. Not to mention, the recorded frequencies had aligned exactly with what Ayurveda etc. had predicted for each chakra. Let's just say, the heart is not the only electrically 'conductive' organ. The non-physical 'bliss' energy surrounding nearby organs are very much real and radiating.

Hungarian doctor, Dr. Gabor Mate proposes another interesting and similar theory

Yet again, it is proposed that personal supression of one's energy is responsible for autoimmune disease.

Why is it that autoimmune diseases afflict mostly women? What do women do? They nurture everyone around them; their families, children, parents, and friends. They are giving in nature, and sacrifice so much for the sake of others. When they do this too much, it can deplete ones self (as Dr. Goswami eloquently put it- their heart chakras), and create imbalance in the body and cause self-suppression. This suppression complements the theory that chakras can become depleted. Suppressed immune systems begin to attack in a disorganized fashion (which is actually why suppressing the immune system further with drugs for these diseases is particularly risky in the long-run). If one suppresses the immune system in a flare, it only makes them more vulnerable to pathogens. To me, this all seems like an excellent cohesive explanation for autoimmune diseases. What do you think?

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