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Let's Talk About Cancer

Updated: May 11, 2023

Where it comes from, how to get rid of it, and how to remain cancer-free.

Before we dive in...

The first thing I will tell you about cancer is that the cause is different for everyone. Finding the 'cure for cancer' is a pipe dream. There are many cures.

This is why the same treatments for the same kind of cancer work for some and not others. For some reason, which I will discuss, the modern medical world has failed to recognize this and treat accordingly.

Why do we treat cancer with chemo and radiation?

Within the massive medical industry and copious cases of cancer every year, they have felt forced to create standardized treatments. It is quite difficult to look at people individually and find treatments that work, as there are actually so many options. Finding the cause in each patient is also not something the general doctor/oncologist has time or energy for. Although it has been helpful to know which cancers in which stages have what outcome, there has been a massive discrepancy with matching cancers to treatments with long-term recovery success. When these treatments fail, patients come to the functional doctor for answers.

Our job is not easy either, but deep investigation is all we do.

I will break down each (but not all) possible causes of cancer, and resources to help.


Probably the biggest cause of cancer is a diet high in sugar and carbs. Cancer cells feed off and survive on glucose more than any other cells in the body. This is why people go for scans with contrast. The contrast material is made of glucose, and as it enters the bloodstream, it will stick to any sources of cancer that might be present. This is one of the ways cancer is diagnosed. You will see very dark spots on the scans where the contrast material has stayed. The best course of action, regardless of the type of cancer (along with individualized care) is to completely remove processed carbs and sugar from the diet. Keto and intermittent fasting has proven to be the most effective. Starve the cancer! And preserve your body. Intermittent fasting makes us enter a state of autophagy, a system where the body begins to recycle old, dead, faulty, and damaged cells, and reuses those materials to recreate new cells. It is one of the most powerful tools one can utilize for better odds of recovery.


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