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Is POTS a Disease or a Symptom?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I've been thinking hard about some of the possible sources of chronic illness.

Why is it chronic? Where are the symptoms coming from?

It is especially difficult to deal with being in a repetitive elimination phase (diarrhea, vomiting, acne, rashes)? This is common in POTS and other conditions. It is known that these symptoms are the body's way of detoxing. But what is it detoxing years after an initial trauma (physical or otherwise)? This might speak to those with POTS due to viral infections. I think there is a kind of 'energetic immune system.' The body physically processes and eliminates a foreign pathogen, but never stops the detox phase (leading to autoimmune Symptoms) because the initial virus leaves an energetic imprint/ residue of itself in the body. An energetic trauma from physical trauma.

The body has built antibodies, but they never stopped working to fight infection, and thus are now just fighting Self. This can be seen in odd, unexplained instances of high IgE, ANA, or white blood cell levels I see so often, without evidence of having an autoimmune disease. I'm not surprised to hear that some doctors are beginning to consider POTS and EDS "autoimmune diseases". (The specific antibodies are 'to be determined'. It honestly just might be energetic-having physical effects we can see in the physical manifestation of our body.

Many elusive diseases with unknown roots have energetic components for which, sadly, the western world does not understand. As Einstein said, everything is energy). This is not dissimilar from instances you might have heard of where people who were abused see a red hand mark on their skin appear years later in the exact location of the initial trauma. Cells have memory. This is fact too.

I've been pondering some of the ways to undo the damage on an energetic level. Physical medicine does not permeate the higher energetic levels, and are thus nearly useless in treating root cause and resolving an energetic (residual) disease.

In some cases, like in viral onset, I don't think POTS is a primary disease or maybe even a disease at all, but a lingering cluster of detox symptoms in the vital (energetic) body. I believe that if POTS is caused by an energetic (vital bod) imbalance, the best way to approach this would be with homeopathy. Homeopathy is more of an energy-targeted medicine than it is a physical one. It contains little to no drug components. It was created by Dr. Dr. Hahnemann (1755-1843). He was a physician so distraught with the potential side-effects of his prescriptions, that he caught to dilute his medicine to be so subtle as not to cause side-effects. He began to discover that with succussion- vigorous shaking of medicine in the dilution process, the energetic signature of the medicine/ plant essence was imprinted into the water, and had positive effects on his patients. Homeopathy states that the more diluted the tincture, the more potent it is. Physical molecules of the medicine are not needed to have an effect; the succussion with each dilution brings the strength of the dosage.

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