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We offer personalized health consulting, biofeedback, and dietary guidance to heal at the root cause. Get compassionate care through holistic modalities.

About Us

Our goal is to help you achieve health by improving all aspects of what makes you YOU. We take into consideration your entire biopsychosocial environment, not just the physical, which makes us different. We do not evaluate, diagnose or prescribe; we assess, identify, and suggest based on your needs. The power to heal is in one's own hands. All initial two-hour appointments include a complementary session of one of the therapeutic services listed on this page.  


The field of Psychoneuroimmunology pays attention to the messages we tell ourselves, how our brain functions, and how these elements help us resist disease. If stress (be it energetic, emotional, or dietary) can cause physical illness, releasing stress can create health. We offer very in-depth assessments and support using various technologies based on the principles of quantum physics-where mind meets body. Root cause solutions are all we offer.


Complete the form at the bottom of the page for a free 10 minute phone consult to see if we are a right fit for you.

Family and close friends get 20% off all services!

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This is the first step in your care plan. Let's get to the root cause of your condition. Assessing the mind and body is the best way to achieve comprehensive care.   We can then determine the best functional approach and therapeutic modalities for you. This session includes a complementary session of one of these various services. 

You can add modalities such as Galvanic Skin Response for relaxation training. As tension increases/decreases, the GSR mouse emits a tone which rises/falls. Eavesdrop on your mind and emotions in real-time and gain back control. Learn how to induce calmness- a state where All healing takes place.

Learn how insulin plays a role in the success of any diet. The beauty of keto is its flexibility for those with various conditions and illnesses. Let's review tricks to make it easy and enjoyable. We can also address physical predispositions & beliefs holding you back from your full potential and end yoyo dieting forever.

Experiencing traumatic effects or emotional limitations? Trauma is stored in the body, which is often why talk therapy isn't enough. The repetitive experience of past events is what keeps us from creating a new future. It's time to give somatic (body) work a chance. Retrain your subconscious and body at the same time as we guide you through specific exercises.


This vagus nerve stimulating device is for those whos nervous systems are exhausted, and the ability to relax, sleep, recover, and heal have been compromised. Pulsetto, a device worn around the neck, stimulates the vagus nerve, which sends signals to the brain and help the body heal.

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Electric acupressure, especially electric auriculotherapy (on the ear) is the most modern way to do acupuncture. Sending small, painless electrical pulses to the meridians, we can accurately target various meridians and address ailments and chronic pain. Sore muscles may also benefit.


This two-way biofeedback can be used in-person or through long distance to help pinpoint many biological weaknesses.

It sends and reads signals of the many different organs and body systems such as the lymphatic or cardiovascular system, and automatically sends the right frequency needed to heal. 

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This incredible software digitizes the more archaic Kirlian photography as it interprets your electrophotonic energy. This  gives various  readouts of your chakra organs and frequencies. Learn if you are deficient or in excess throughout your energetic body and how to regain balance. You get to keep your results sheet and aura photograph! See what color you are currently resonating and what it means. 


This is best for those who are not getting answers through regular blood tests, which only looks at blood quantity. This specialized microscope can help us explain mysterious symptoms and show us the quality of the blood cells and the surrounding milieu (blood environment), a great source of hidden information. 

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For those who want to relax, achieve goals, sleep better, lose weight, or kick a habit the easy way, hypnosis through the BrainTap device may be best for you. Braintap guides you through what is now known as NeuroLinguistic Programming through auditory and visual cues, and stimulates certain areas of your brain for better, clearer cognition.  

Emotional Freedom Technique is somatic work that involves tapping various parts of your upper body that connect to your nervous system. It can help you mid- anxiety attack and to overcome fears or emotional setbacks, and help open you up to receive all the other healing modalities for lasting results. This can be done from anywhere.

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